We are profoundly grateful to our clients and all others related to our business for choosing the Hokkai Group’s products.

Our company was founded in 1946 as the “Hayashi Yosetsu-Kogyosho (Welding Workshop.) After meeting a variety of challenges, we developed a 6,000 ton large double-action oil hydraulic press in 1962, and were the world’s first company to succeed in shaping head plates with the cold press method. Since then, we’ve been a leading manufacturer of head plates, holding more than half the domestic share of the market.

In 2017, by integrating Hokkai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hokkai Iron Works Co., Ltd., we strengthened both our technological and development capabilities. We took bold decisions in choosing and focusing our work in order to provide better service to clients and move the company forward. I’m Takahiko Hayashi, and since April 2019 I have held the position of president concurrently for both the Hokkai Ltd., the Hokkai Group’s sales company. I will do my best to seize this opportunity to promote cooperation between manufacturing and sales.

For instance, to achieve higher customer satisfaction, we’re offering expanded opportunities for employees working in sales, manufacturing and quality control to hear directly from clients. We’ll conduct client surveys to better guide our innovations, which are actively underway. We also train our employees to work toward being a company that celebrates a century in business, which is a central aim of the Hokkai Group. To this end, we established our own “Polaris Academy” to educate employees. That education includes freshman training as well as training programs for each career. We believe that the growth of each individual employee will result in growth for the whole company.

Also, under the new company structure, the following three divisions will form our core business, each aimed at moving the company rapidly forward.

- The head plate division
While maintaining pride in our achievements to date, we continue to establish higher standards of technological process and manufacture products at higher values to continue solving problems for clients and meeting their varied needs. We’ll also contribute to the field, cultivating new demands by using our technologies to process non-ferrous materials including aluminum, titanium and CFRP, as well as 3D bending.

- The car division
In the field of trains, we’ll try to expand our share in manufacturing locomotive car parts for overseas manufacturers. Additionally, we’ll expand our business in other fields including shipbuilding, architecture, and other parts of trains besides wheel trucks, using our special press technology.

- The landscape division
The giant Tetsujin 28-go monument in Shin-Nagata’s Wakamatsu Park, which we manufactured in 2009, has drawn a lot of attention. Since then, we’ve worked on a variety of urban space projects including public art, street furniture, and interior design, and are expanding our business under the name “Monument Factory.” We’ll continue in our aim to expand this business, strengthening our promotions and seeking new opportunities for tourism-related projects.

Hokkai Group will continue to make further efforts, through our “manufacturing.” We look forward to your continued support and guidance. Thank you.

Representative of Hokkai Group
President/CEO of Hokkai Co. Ltd.
President of Hokkai Iron Works Co. , Ltd.
President of Hokkai Ltd.
林 孝彦