Hokkai Group

“We do everything for our clients.”

The spirit and ideas that drove our founder Yasutoshi Hayashi when he began specializing
in head plates have been integrated, unbroken, into our sales policies.

We deeply appreciate
your choosing our Hokkai Group.
To meet client's expectations,
we're making our best efforts
toward the aim of being a company
that does business
for one hundred years.

Representative of Hokkai Group
President/CEO of Hokkai Co. Ltd.
President of Hokkai Iron Works Co. , Ltd.
President of Hokkai Ltd.

To manufacture our head plates, we pursue the highest quality
by continually enhancing
our technology and
tackling any issues that arise head-on.

Head Plates

For our landscape-related business,
including the manufacture of monuments and signs,
we give shape to our client’s vision using the reliable,
high-technology that we have cultivated through years of experience.

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